Spray For Ants and Other Pests


Yes, add me to the ant list. Upon submission of this information, I am requesting that Dewey Pest Control spray around the perimeter of my unit for ants and other pests. I understand that there is no charge for spraying around the perimeter of my unit (common area only).  However if I elect to have Dewey Pest Control do additional services than I will be responsible for these extra charges and promptly submit payment for these services to Dewey Pest Control.

This is an AUTOMATED LIST. The technician usually is on the property between 9AM-12PM every Friday.

(The Time and Day is subject to change.)

If Friday Falls on a Holiday, then Dewey will usually service the day before the Holdiay. (e.g. Thanksgiving would be serviced on Wednesday.)

This is an automated list. You should receive an automated email confirming that you have been added to the list and another when the Technician is on the property and servicing the Association.  Neither the technician nor the Mesa Village Office will be contacting you, so please do not request this in the notes. If you have special requests then please contact Dewey Pest Control at 858-272-3611. Also note the special pricing is only for when Dewey is servicing the Association.



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Additional Services (Fees Required. The prices below are only available on the designated service dates.)

(see preparation instruction below)

Spray inside my unit ($10):
Spray my patio ($10):
Spray inside and patio ($15):
Additional Notes:
 (Please Note Neither Techician or Mesa Village will call you. If you have a special request please contact Dewey at 858-272-3611)

Please note this list is processed on Friday every week. At that time, if you made a valid submission you will receive an auto response email letting you know that you have been added to the list. Once this has been done the list will be purged.


Preparation Instructions for Inside Services:

Dewey Pest Control Co.



In order to give you the best possible service, with the least inconvenience to you, we would appreciate your cooperation of these instructions before and after our technician treats your premises. In the even that everything is not ready, another appointment will have to be made by the client at an additional charge.



  1. Remove all items from kitchen cupboards  (lower and upper), dishes, pots, pans, glassware, foodstuff, canned goods, etc. Place them on a table and cover with a sheet. Take all drawers out and turn them upside down on a counter top.

  2. If any items are left on the kitchen floor or adjacent areas, keep them at least three (3) feet from the wall (bare area).

  3. Empty medicine cabinets, counter tops and all cabinets under bathroom sinks (towels, toilet tissue, medicine, etc.).

  4. Any scrubbing or cleaning of cupboards, walls or shelves should be done BEFORE treating occurs.

  5. NOTE: Dewey Pest Control recommends all persons must vacate for 4 hours and until treated areas have dried. Persons with ailing health or pregnancy must vacate for 24 hours and/or follow their doctor's advice.

  6. Remove all pets for at least a four (4) hour period. Pet birds must be removed for twenty-four (24) hours.

  7. Aquariums should be sealed off with plastic wrappings, and the filter turned off for a four (4) hour period.


  1. Upon returning to the premises, open windows for a short period of time. Thoroughly ventilating treated areas following application can reduce potential odors.

  2. Turn aquarium filter back on.